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Rank Matters

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After playing some 3 years now, I am getting a little better.  Every ranked battle is hard fought.  Once again, my stats for seasons past in ranked battles are not reflective of my hard earned rank attained.  Once before , I had won enough battles in ranked battles, to be ranked #1.  After reporting said mistake to WG WOWS, a thorough of my stats was conducted ( my guess) and I was actually ranked #1, albeit for all of 2 weeks or so.  If only for " bragging rights",  on my pilot season stats, the highest ranks, all seasons needs to be corrected to #1.  I hope I do not have to file formal charges with the Secretary of the Navy to have my service record corrected.  Of course, I will do so following the proper chain of command.  Please re-examine and correct this glaring error .  


Fleet Admiral Texas_Mojado ie. Wetback

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