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Twitch Conflict with Wargaming Cookies

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Just FYI.

So, today I was unable to watch World of Warships related twitch streams. Non WOWS streams were unaffected.

Apparently there is a new conflict with Twitch and Wargaming's new "necessary" cookies.

If you disable the new data mining cookies WG installs when you visit this forum, and then attempt to watch Warships related streams on twitch, you get the following spam screen:2056640289_Screenshot2021-02-25151547.thumb.jpg.c38e94d0f240e49e54d539a224e0167d.jpg


After spending considerable time with an IT guy, it appears that Twitch recently changed the way they handle tracking for twitch drops. Something in WG's cookies, is needed to interact with something in Twitch's security software. 

I spoke with Twitch, and they said the recent changes were because: 

"there was people trying to inflate views with fake viewers and drop farm, so they had to change their system slightly to stop people from profiting off of bots."

however, when pressed further, Twitch conceded that the changes have had no effect on the "problem" users. When I suggested that the Hackers would just find a way around the new changes, they agreed:

"Oh lol, they have, thats easy enough. Its more of a superficial fix than anything."

So, basically what we have here is Twitch/WGs version of gun control. 

The "security changes" they made to prevent "hackers" from creating fake viewers and drop farming, did NOTHING to stop the hackers: they only interfered with the normal, non techie users' ability to watch the streams.

Long term effect: fewer of the "normal" users Twitch wants, and a higher percentage of "Hackers", thereby reducing, rather then increasing, Twitch.tv's attractiveness to advertisers. 


On a side note, this may have something to do with why WG has suddenly started inflicting a cookie pop up on visitors to this forum.


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Seems odd that twitch and the forums would get signals crossed like this. But I don't think the cookie thing on the forums is a WG only thing, I seem to have been getting cookie requests on a bunch of sites I visit lately. I suspect something got updated that caused a lot of sites (including WG) to update their cookies. That may what twitch is throwing fits about too.

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41 minutes ago, ExploratorOne said:

Odd, I have never seen any cookie popups with the forum or Twitch. ...

Same here ...

For now I've temporarily relinked to Twitch for any Italian tokens/missions and the only thing I've really noticed is Twitch has a lot of advertising trackers ... 




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I use active blocking. Among others. (Grease monkey.) once I locate the offending script code, I pull it and drop it into that. Poof all gone. Next.

Very little gets through. Been this way for 30+ years online. Ads more ads and more crap. Just like junk mail. Maybe 3 letters a year are meaningful, the rest are trashcanned.

I left twitch, Amazon etc not too long ago. Not very profitable in terms of drops for the time spent. What... 100K credits and a couple of camo?> HA. ya right. Tightwads. Virtual costs nothing.

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The more likely culprit is Twitch is blocking you because of a 3rd party script like Adblock.


and no mention anywhere about World of Warships, just some weeb game.



Twitch wouldn't be able to read Wargaming's cookies anyways based on same-origin policy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same-origin_policy

For demonstration purposes, I installed a fresh Chrome, no Wargaming cookies at all.


Logging in to Twitch alone was enough for me to get tracking credit due to my account already being linked. Zoup's stream played fine and I have no third-party scripts blocking content.


This is twitch being a b. None of the above links are from Wargaming's domains, which can be mapped below.


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