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Georgia clan battle build feedback

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Depends on how you use her. Deadeye is implying a more ranged/cross shot player (which is my suggested build/playstyle)

If that's the case:

  • I would be inclined to drop the tier 3 secondary mod for range boost
  • Slot 6 plotting room may be nice, but stacked with deadeye may be overkill. Id be sure to try both and see if that few seconds off reload is worth the (even better) dispersion. 
  • Slot 4 is good for the jump off the line, but I think DCP will serve better
  • With her quick heals, look at maybe doing superintendent (or whatever its named) over FP. An extra/better heals may be worth the extra superstructure fire with as quick a cooldown as she has on her repair party

In the end a lot of its personal pick. The only think I am pretty against is the slot 4 mod. Its fun for memes and the initial jump off the line, but you are a BB that needs to primarily be tanking. I use that on my Bourgogne to get on the 1 line and catch broadsides, but in a CB the team probably needs you to be tanking a little more than that. Idk if you picked the flags you are going to use, but if you did you DEFINITLEY need that second fire time modifier/reducer


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9 minutes ago, _BBaby said:

Depends on how you use her. 

Aggressive 1 line push at full speed.

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I opted not to go with the Deadeye skill because I'm firing around 18km on average so that extra percentage doesn't seem to make a ton of difference as I find the dispersion to be pretty decent at that range already. It only has a 20km range anyway and I found that using spotter plane even with Deadeye was not that reliable. Sometimes you land a great shot but most of the time in competitive games they know to dodge, weave, slow or speed up to throw off your volley at that distance. In Clan battles or higher leagues of ranked I don't find a ton of players just sailing along in a straight line while waiting 12 seconds for your fired shot to make it's way across the ocean.
Why do you use Sniper skill but not Super Heavy AP? I used the extra AP because you only have 6 barrels and they already do great damage but adding in extra AP and they just smash things. With Super AP you get 16,538 shell damage and that is a very heavy hit. catch someone broadside and land a few of those and they are done for. Without Heavy AP your shots still do a respectable 15,750 damage. So by taking that one skill your adding 788 damage per barrel which is no chump change. 

My skills are as follows:
Gunfeeder Line 1
Priority Target Line 2(I like to know when I'm being targeted by DD's)
Super heavy AP, Long Range Secondaries, Adrenaline Rush Line 3
Emergency Repair Expert, Concealment Line 4(I like Emergency repair for the extra heal but that is a personal preference and Fire prevention is great too)

My Captain is 20 points, not 21 yet but when he does get the last point I'll put it into Emergency Repair Specialist Line 1
My Upgrades differ from your slightly: In Slot 2 I put Damage Control for the -5% fire and -3% flooding. In slot 4 I put Damage Control for the -15% Fire Extinguishing and -15% Flooding Recovery Time. I did that because in my Captain skills I did not take Fire Prevention and with Super Heavy AP you get +30% extra fire extinguishing and flooding added. So with my upgrades I knock that down to only 15% extra and I add a -5% chance to catch fire for every shell that lands on me which is half of the Fire prevention Expert Captain Skill. So I'm basically trying to cover my basis a little bit. 
Everything else is the same as yours and I do run a lot of flags as well. 

It's a lot of personal choice and I just do what works well for me. It did great in Ranked this week! Saved a lot of stars and did great damage plus made ranking out a ton easier than regular tech ships



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