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1vs1 Brawls are fun but.... how about this idea..Duels!

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1vs1 Brawls are fun, I really enjoyed it last year and look forward again to it later in this patch, I was thinking about it this morning and came up with an idea

How about a variation of Brawls, what about Duels? Where two players could meet and challenge each other? Players could choose one another like being invited to join a division using the same tier ships,

what do you think?

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I think it is a great idea, but the idea of a que of pending duel requests shown on a tab every time I log in would be like I was some popular player or something. 

Imagine if certain streamers had such challenges to duels made and it became annoying as that list got longer or it was the same player. 

If the list could be ignored, requests deleted, and some scheduled, then that would be okay. But also some requests would have to be blocked at some point as you probably defeated them already once and they want: "best 76 out of 152?" would pop up. 

I would rather leave it to MM in a duel and should I get a certain player I always wanted to "Wrath of Khan" with, then they probably would feel the same anyway and we will both grapple at thee to the end. 

So long as I don't go up against some OP specific ship players. I hear Tier 4 is a nightmare above and on the surface. Something about a Rhein and a Danae in Randoms. The Danae I understand, OP ship that it is in the hands of a dangerous captain. But a Rhein dropping AP bombs like candy crush casually going "oohhh, ahhh" and players screaming for mercy, that's disgusting and I actually play CV. 

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