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Is Manfred von Ritchofen worth it?

Is MvR worth it for beginners?  

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  1. 1. Is MvR worth it for beginners?

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Uhm... most folks choose IJN or USN as their first line. IMO the early German carriers will tend to push you away from carriers. You can of course spend some money, go with the low tier ELo which can be enjoyable. But I'd recommend you start with IJN, USN or even RN first, sort of get your wing first. 

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If you’re going to buy a carrier, get Ark Royal. Good for Ops, generally laid back and easy to use, though the aircraft are slow.

If not that, then do what @Herr_Reitz said and work up through the US or IJN line.

Whichever you do, DO NOT JUMP FEET FIRST into high tier carriers. That road only leads to bitterness and disappointment, and other players hatin’ on you in chat.

Learn to use carriers at lower tiers first. Training Room, Co-op, or Randoms, just don’t jump right to high tiers.

Don’t worry about getting MVR now, unless they announce it’s going away.

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0 votes for “Yes”. There is your answer. 
CV is not a class for beginners to “buy” and encounter success, at all. You will encounter enough vitriol and toxicity to perhaps sway you from touching the game again. 

The urge is most certainly there, but those recommending a T4 CV are spot on. Learn the skills CV requires in matches where half the others are also still learning. Good CV play is not as straight forward as hitting red ships with bombs and torps.

Many new CV players ask questions like: How and where should you spot? What does spotting even mean? Why is the CV not the de facto “Admiral” of the whole team? When to move / not move. What are detection ranges? Why are German rockets better or worse on certain classes? 

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Perhaps after you're a seasoned CV commander

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