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Adjust Division Layout in Menu

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One of the things I think could be tweaked is how divisions are set up in the main menu. It's very clunky and could be refined somewhat easily to make it less of a pain. My ideas are as follows:

1. The division leader shouldn't have to ready up before clicking 'Battle'. When they click 'Battle', that is their ready up and it won't search until the division-mates have clicked ready. For those who aren't the leader, the 'Battle!' button becomes a 'Manned and Ready!' button. This would make it cleaner and not have to have the big chat box open.

2. As far as the chat box is concerned, I don't like seeing it and always hit 'X' to close because it looks like a window I don't want and it asks me if I want to leave the division. Then I have to go and hit minimize. It's not the end of the world, but is an annoyance none the less. Maybe remove the 'X' and create a separate button to leave the division. That way, it's the same as the Clan chat.

3. Part of the fun of playing in a division is playing with your friends. This suggestion is just something that I thought would be cool and is not an issue. In games like COD Modern Warfare, when you play in a party, you get to see your teammates skins and weapons. It would be awesome to have your friend's ships at anchor with you and see the ships/camos/flags that they have chosen to use. They just join the division leader's port or maybe make a different port for divisions.

IDK, just something I thought would be cool and these could be fairly easy to implement without affecting gameplay. None of these are big deal items, just things to make it more user friendly. :)

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