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Hope the system do something solid instead of making useless skills

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I would like to know what the matching mechanism of this game is calculated. It's a real mess. First of all, I would like to share one of my recent game to see what level of retarded teammates this matches. It's like group up with 10 robots against the enermy player. I have sunk four full blooded enemies in the first five minutes on my own and we still lost the game. It was a really bad experience. I throw all my teammates into the block list. Never wanna see them again. FXXK. the system used to send out some kind of questionnaire to ask me if I was satisfied or not, now it even not show up again. Second, why can't teams match levels more than two level apart while this damn system finds players 3 levels higher than you in the match. It's ridiculous. If there are not so many matches online, you can put robots in the number of good, at least the player can have a good experience. You put a 3 level higher opponent is equivalent to me taking a machine gun and hitting you with a spear.


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2 hours ago, SKurj said:

joined 55 minutes ago...

That refers to the forums. This account has been with WG since 12/26/2015 and has over 1500 battles.

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EMMM.....  Deadeye is smiling at you.  She is so strong that make about 30-36% of players quit after new skill patch according to steam statistics. 

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