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I almost never do this but........

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This new CV is just making CV a worse thing than ever to deal with.

 I have few issues with CVs, I just find them boring to play.  I have plenty of them ( crates etc ) I just can't get into the playstyle.  

This new majorly OP one ( you know the name ) is the only one that has me now like everyone else.  It's truly the easy mode fun police ( I NEVER said that before.)

Great match.. great battles going on , knife fights.. tanking .. real SHIPS doing battle. 

Head to head , face to face, HARDCORE!!:cap_rambo:

Then this thing just shows up and starts cross dropping 8 freakin torps at a time??? ( 16 ) 

Everyone's hard fought battles OVER in seconds.

AA fully boosted doing NOTHING to the planes!!

Who enjoys this easy mode?

Sry if this is your way you enjoy the game.  It's like bringing a Motorcycle to the tour de france to me.

Col Out


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It certainly forces team play and tactics, in a team based game. :cap_fainting:It punishes yolo players going off on their own. 


Utilizing AA bubbles and getting a few people to work together goes a long way in negating 90% of what any CV can do. They are fully dependent upon getting their whole attack squadron to hit the target, and being able to stack fire/flood.


I was in my Gearing, without the AA module in 6th slot (this module gives 2 extra flak burst), and without AA spec in captain (skill gives 1 extra flak burst) and I was able to kill 3 FD Roosevelt dive bombers with  one flak burst, because I was in an AA bubble with a Yoshino.

I was in a Shimakaze, and same thing against Richtofen planes... I was sharing my smoke with a  moskva, whom in turn reciprocated with radar and AA. 


Imagine if I had taken AA modules and captain skills. No, it’s not ideal, and certainly kills your “fun” meta build, but we have counters to CV, for the most part.


There ARE several DD’s and a couple cruiser/BB that do need an update to AA range and/or DPS+flak counts.... or they need to get extra preferential spotting immunity from CV...

I’d even go so far as to force the game to make surface ships detect DD’s and that would solve most of the harassment level spotting issues. 



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FDR has very beefy planes but has very very slow plane regen and speed also attack cooldowns :Smile_hiding:  Can an FDR hit you if it wants yes how many planes is the player willing to lose and once he loses them they pretty much gone :fish_sleep:  So getting deplane in FDR is really easy if you are not careful :fish_palm: Not mention it's a steel ship so not many people have and ones that do will probably be really good with them :Smile_popcorn:

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the FDR is easily the most powerful CV in the game, maybe second only to Enterprise, due to its planes basically being immortal with having over 3K HP each and ship already struggling to shoot down a plane from a tech tree CV, the only reason you lose planes in a FDR, is because you LET your enemies AA shoot them down

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