A have a much simpler approach to this: -> Allow the player CHOOSE SKILLSET for each ship. (BB/CA, CL/DD) So, Supercruisers like Alaska or Siegfried can select BB skillset. Big DDs as French ones can pick up Cruiser skills. Light cruisers as the Huanghe can pick up DD skill set. Or "light BBs" as the Odin can pick up CA skillset. OR use the skillset for its own class. I would not allow BB<>DD interchange, only BB/CA and CL/DD, or, in other words, Cruisers can go "up" to BB, and "down" to DD skillset, while BBs and DDs can pick Cruisers skillset as an option. But I see this proposal as a temporary WORKAROUND, until this new captain skiils gets a major rework, with better, more realistic skills are implemented. I really like to see minor improvements that can be tied to REAL WORLD skills, like, training crews can shoot/aim/repair much better than a green crew. But nothing in real world explains why a ship moves faster if the enemy isn't looking, or can aim better at far enemies only why no other enemy is close, or worse, few seconds of bad aim when detected. These type of "MAGIC SKILLS" should be forgotten, replaced by "realistic" ones.  Because some things as "grease the gears" or "preventive maintenance" that applies to all and any ship class, subs included, while other skills are specific to a class, like torp/airplane related skills, there should be 2 categories of skill: Generic, that applies to any ship class Class-specific ones  
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