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Custom ship build's

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So like the title suggest  

One  so you have a bunch of players with several of the same tiered ships but you want to scrap them or sell them. right ??

 Why not  recycle them this way. 

Player  (a) has a fuso, and a amagi they want to dump.  but still wants a ship to replace them  as a free player. that can be a real head ache. at times  

so the player selects scrap and build.  he is given two slots to add the two ships to be scrapped too after adding .

 the player  can select which turrets to keep and to dump. also the player is given the options of keep one or the other hulls or combine the hulls. 

but after combining the hulls only gains 20 % of the larger hulls length and width  .

for the ex on both ships the player then can add back anti air and main and secondary turrets to the hull.  15,000 ex per turret. 

7,500 for anti air units 

20,000 for torpedo tubes .  

50,000 for the engines, and  radar  systems. each 

if the two ships area tier 5 and a tier 8 the new ships tier would be a tier 6  both used ships have to be from the same Countries tech tree.  

a player can for go anti air and add 2 more main turrets or 4 more secondary turrets. 

cruisers desy's,  can add 2 more torpedo launchers or two more tubes per launcher. 

to be fair and balanced the scrapped ships should be two tiers apart  no more or less the above was just an example. 

the performance of the engines and turrets reload turn and other stats can be inline with the  new ships tier class. I.E. tier 5,6 ,7,8  and so on.  

or an auto complete  format can be set so an average of both ships is automaticly used for the new ship. and the player names the ship them selves. 

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