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skill resets

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Be really careful as you check your captain skills.   

For example I was checking for cruiser captains to reset, I used an empty Albany cruiser and when I pulled up my Gearing  captain to check his skills it shows for DD.

That's not that much of a surprise but if you are in a hurry to do resets it would be easy to screw up. 

Make sure you know which icon you are looking at as your make skill reset decisions.  

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I didn't setup that many ships (on purpose) so I went to each of them and reset them. Most of my builds used ALL available points. No saving up for that next 4pt skill. Hope I didn't miss any.

But it does bring up the question: If you reset a captain  sitting on a DD, does that reset his skills in cruisers, bbs, cvs also? Are they separate resets?

Don't have that many that are multiclass. When I do I will have to keep a log of who has what build.

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I just load up one premium ship of each type and make sure the points of that nation are all red.  Do all 4 types for that nation and move to the next nation.

Oh crap!  I forgot the Pan-Asian CV I just got....    lol

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