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So my first battle this morning and i walk into this dude "THE AFK" the guy who tells you at start in chat then goes to corner and hides. Apparently this wasn't first time due to reaction in chat. I really appreciate this (sarcasm). I thought i post this pict here for you all to enjoy 


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That looks pretty blatant to me. Just file a ticket.

If they don't want to fight for you, then WG can at least do something about it because that already puts your team at a disadvantage.

In my opinion, showing players the door is a good step to setting an example to habitual offenders.

The more of these get tossed out, the better the game will be because it costs whoever is doing it money to generate new accounts.

Attrition the offenders and they will stop. They don't have unlimited money. They can't whale up accounts with less than 2k random/100co-op battles every week. Where would they get the money? Or where would they get the accounts?

I sincerely hope it stops.

Too many wierd things go on in Randoms matches happens and it makes players upset.

Even streamers are noticing the pattern because even they see their fair share of it. It happens at almost every tier.

It is not making the game enjoyable for anyone playing Randoms. It is only adding more fuel to the fire 🔥.

It is as if someone or something wants to ruin this game.

I am sure WG will address this. They don't like this at all either. They want players to be reasonably happy, but this added problem is just making it difficult.

I agree, this is a silly thing for a player to do and it is akin to flaunting the breaking of rules in a match. It is not with the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.

It smacks of a culture counter to those values.

Let's hope WG fixes this soon.

Otherwise, I will be serving Scotch at the bar in cap C in co-op for the salty Randoms players that show up.

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Had a guy last night in a Roon, as soon as the battle started he began spamming quick commands. He then proceeded to shoot at a teammate, run to the border where he spent the rest of the battle while still spamming quick commands the whole battle. Yes I submitted a ticket with a replay.

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the pita is... its on the players/victims to "send in a ticket"

is this a global thing or just NA?

if you were wg... what would you do to detect something like this?

players like this should just be banned, because even after whatever it is they are protesting is fixed, they will find something else.  (if that is indeed what is happening) 


T6 9v9 with 2 cv's ... is this coop??  nvm... those reds don't look like bots...


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