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I Wanted To Share My Historical Poem About The Missouri With You

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I figured not many would understand some of the references in the poem but I know many of you on this particular forum are well read and enjoy history. I wrote it for the contest and submitted it but I don't have high hopes as I'm not much of a poet, lol. I read many that I thought were far more talented with prose but I wanted someone to enjoy it besides me so I'll leave it here and I hope I did the old ship justice. 

"Mighty Mo"

Cold was that misty morning way back in 44'
As I sipped my coffee and fog rolled back to reveal you in the port

Little did I know that morn the history you'd behold
From the epic battles around the world to the fame that you'd bestow

You saw Iwo Jima and the Korean War to reacvtivation and Operation Desert Storm
Your guns blazed without mercy and showed the world how a battleship should perform

The men that served aboard this ship sing praises to this day
They remember the historic events that took place in Tokyo Bay

From the silence on that deck as Yoshijiro signed his surrender
To the powerful speech of Douglas Macarthur it's a day we'll always remember

Admiral Nimitz, Halsey, Sherman, Fellows, Lockwood and McCain
We may never see a ship host the likes of these again

Nine mighty sixteen inch guns with rounds of pain and suffering
Oh how many ships and seamen feared those rounds a coming

The depths of the sea are dark and brooding 
The ghosts of war rest there unmoving

Those days are long behind her as she now rests in Pearl Harbor
Nine million curious visitors have walked across your armor

Your battles might be over but the world will always know
When times get tough and duty calls we can count on Mighty Mo

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