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Missing Commanders for coal

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I would like to see the commanders you can trade in for 175,000 coal added. You only still get to choose from 4 nations why haven't the others countries being added.

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As we get more lines and nations, they’ll eventually get legendary commanders of their own. However, the commanders are typically tied into an event around a line release for that nation (or at least they have been for all but the first two). When they started, every nation had at least two full t1-10 lines before getting a legendary commander, although whether or not that was a requirement we can only guess. Over the last year and a bit, we’ve gotten commanders for two nations with only one line each at the time of the commander’s release, so if it was a requirement it seems to have been changed.


That being said, every multi line nation has a legendary commander, and every tech tree nation except one has a commander. Most are or will be available for coal, but some are not or only indirectly. 

Halsey (US) is available through the Hit Hard campaign, and only available through that. Yamamoto (Japan) likewise is only available through his campaign. Cunningham (UK), Auboyneau (France), and Kuznetsov (Russia) were all earnable for free during their respective events and are now purchasable for coal directly at a cost of 175k each. Lutjens (Germany) is also available for 175k coal, although he was never available for free in an event. Sansonetti (Italy) is available from the Reaolute and Rapid collection, from crates available during the Italian cruiser release and now available for purchase at 6k per crate (with an average price for the commander of 160-170k total). Swirski (Europe) was available in a campaign starting during the EU DD release event and available for six months, and will be coming to the armory for direct purchase sometime in mid April. 

Currently the only tech tree nation missing one is the Pan Asian line, likely from the earlier ‘requirement’ of a nation needing two lines to get a commander. Every other nation in game either has a commander or is only premium ships as of the current patch (namely Pan America and the Commonwealth). Now that Europe and Italy have both gotten one with a single line, even if Pan Asia doesn’t get another line we should still get a legendary commander eventually. And likewise for any future nations if there’s a historical admiral to be used. It’s just a matter of time. 

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