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new capt skill points

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any guides to the new skills? New skills per class of ship?

Have not done anything with the skills and a guide would be helpful

any builds people are using per class


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People are still working things out, and many are hesitant to post content with WG likely to change things.

Still, LWM has posted an overview by ship type, BBs and DDs are out so far.


If you want a salty perspective, Flamu has this video:


Those are the ones I'm aware of. People are taking their time getting used to changes, and changes will likely happen. Best way is to just experiment yourself.

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Definitely agree with the LWM threads posted above. Another one that I recommend and see shared a decent amount is from a bunch of the testers/CCs on the Help Me discord server - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XfsIIbyORQAxgOE-ao_nVSP8_fpa1igg0t48pXZFIu0/edit?usp=sharing.

Each t10 ship has a recommended build that will typically work on the rest of the tech tree and a lot of the premiums for that line, along with some builds for lower tier ships that need specialized ones. It’s still semi WIP like any other more detailed guide for such a new system that will definitely get some changes over the rest of the year, but it gets updated pretty regularly as different builds develop and get tested. 

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I'm going to fxp the last half of the Soyuz grind tomorrow because I'm going to grab Kutnezov and take advantage of the 50 doubloon retrain. Is Deadeye even needed on the Kremlin?

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