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Token Camos Suggestion

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Hello Devs and Community.

With the preview of the ugly ...niche.... camo for the FDR, I am dismayed that after hanging on to my tokens for years there is still nothing I want to buy.
This is an issue for players that have had tokens for a long time or have only recently earned enough for their first set.

  • Many of the expensive TX camos that require tokens are hit or miss.  You need the right camo and the right ship, otherwise it's just not worth it.  For example, the Stalingrad War paint (White & Gold) looks amazing...but what if you have the Bourgone and you dislike the Rhinoceros camo?  Too bad bud, you must grind either 25k steel or 10 ranked seasons before you can fight in something you like to look at.

Suggestion:  What if Wargaming produce a line of Ranked/Clan Camos that can be applied to a ship of your choosing, or a series of Camos in the same style for the handful of Steel ships.  This will give players better choices in how to spend their ranked/clan tokens.  It will also make tokens more of a valuable resource and encourage more competitive play.

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