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A different kind of premium ship suggestion

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There are a pair of ships in the game that are modeled and still in the game files, and I think one of them could be an interesting armory premium if WG would choose to refine the stats slightly. I am referring to the British tier V destroyer Anthony that was a special mission ship when the original Dunkirk mission was available. Anthony is an A type Destroyer and a sister to tech tree V Acasta, but with some notable differences. First, the Anthony, unlike Acasta, can stealth fire torpedoes before concealment expert due to haveing an extra kilometer of range with its torpedoes, giving it almost a full km to work with with concealment expert, as opposed to Acasta which has nearly the same detection and torpedo range with concealment expert. Another key difference is the very not typical choice of consumables Anthony has, forgoing smoke for both engine boost and defensive AA, which would need some serious buffing to its base AA to be worthwhile, but that would not be difficult to change. The final difference is in the damage of the torpedoes, with the Anthony getting an extra 4k damage per fish over Acasta.

Basically, what I am saying is, please put in a good work to St. Petersburg to please give us this ship that the majority of the work has already been done for. It is a fun alternative to its tech tree sister. Thank you.

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