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Please Help with Riga

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Hello Captains!

I hope you all are safe, happy and healthy! I have a problem. It's name is Heavy Cruiser Riga. She is my first tier nine ship and I was VERY excited to get her. I watched videos on YouTube on how to play her. They are all old btw, and I looked up warship wiki for more information. I played her in co op 4 or 5 times to get to know my new and pretty cruiser. Then took her out into random Battles.                               AAARRRGGGHHH! She hates me!            Now matter how I play her or what strategy I use [Granted I am not as experienced as most of you] I cannot get a handle on this ship! HE stinks,,,AP hits like whip cream blobs unless enemy ships is close and yelling at me to hit it's broadside. This ship does not Smoosh,,,,it smeeshes. Big difference, lol.

As soon as the enemy get gets the word I'm spotted I feel like I am sitting on a park bench with a thousand Pigeons above me. Oh The Smell btw!. One good placed bird dropping and my citadel explodes itsy bitsy bitsy splinters. So I am pleading for help please. I know many of you know how to play her like a beautiful Violin. I like to make the same music so please help a girl out,,,,please please please??? Any help will be appreciated.

Stay safe please.

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I've strugled with riga. Got all XP without being able to play it well.

The matches I played it better happened when I somehow managed to park besides a island that cutted most of enemy, letting me fight 1 or 2 at a time. Than I was just going arround this island and controlling the engagement. Usually, in the flank caps. Put just a exemple.

This way you can use your radar, and cut the line of the sight of most of the enemies. You can also reverse into cover if the things dont work as expected. Only load HE to burn BBs or wreck DDs, otherwise, stick with AP. Before putting your radar up, load the HE and point your guns to the general direction of your expected target (yes, only put your radar up if you have a intended target).

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