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New skills and DDs

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So far my DD's seem to have benefited, or at least haven't lost much, from the skill rework.  I've mostly played German and American DD's, since I only had enough ECXP saved up to convert three 19-point commanders to 21 points, and the third is French.  I usually don't play French cruisers or DD's.  Just BB's

  • I put Swift in Silence on my Somers, and it's great.  I put John Doe on it, so Grease the Gears gets the turret rotation about the same as it was pre-rework.  I can't really do anything for gun reload without sacrificing something else I want more, and the 6 second reload vs. the 5.4 I had before is actually slightly noticeable.  The guns on this ship are situational anyway, but I used to be able to at least beat Shimakazes in a gun duel.  I'm not so sure now.  Guns will probably  be reserved only for tormenting BBs from smoke now.


  • I hadn't played Z-52 very much for over a year.  Love the hydro and the fast reloading torps.  And it's fast enough and has enough HP.  The AA used to be murder before the CV rework.  It still shoots down a lot of planes, but that doesn't really matter anymore.  Shooting down a whole squadron won't even buy you a two-minute respite. I stopped playing it mostly because the guns and torps just didn't reward good play with any significant damage.  But now with the torps moving at 76 knots, you can at least get more hits.  And Swift in Silence is a noticeable improvement.  The only thing I don't like about this skill is that it disappears just when you need it most.  I'm wondering if there is a way to manipulate that to my advantage, though.  If I hit the S key a couple of times about a second after I'm spotted, maybe that will slow the ship down enough to throw off someone's aim?  Gotta remember to try it.


  • Haven't tried to build out my Shima yet.  Also a ship I've hardly played since getting Somers.  The 20 km torps are too slow and can be spotted from space, and 12 km isn't quite far enough to effectively torment Russian cruisers.  But it's still a solid ship, and I'm betting there is a way to take advantage of the new skills.  Anyone else had luck with that?


  • I've only got a 19-point commander, but it works just fine.  95 knot torps are probably overkill, but I'll probably keep them anyway.
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