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Port Display Suggestion

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I'd like to be able to put a small icon on the ship images at the bottom of the Port screen indicating what I've set the equipment and Commander skills to focus on.  The icons could go between the ship image and tier and would be activated by radio buttons across the bottom of the Commander Skills screen.  Types would be:


Torpedo ship


Fire Starter

Secondary Build


Damage Control


(Not sure about carrier focus)

That way when you are preparing to enter a game you can tell what tactic the ship is set up for without having to open the equipment and commander skills screens. It would be helpful for those of us who enjoy different ships every game. 

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And while we're at it....    How about an Overlay when you're Looking at the Stat's List on the Right, you have a Spot that Shows the Armor and Values, what's Where and so Forth...    Maybe Add one when you're Looking at the Weapon Systems that Shows Firing Arc's of Each as you look at them on the Right...   Main Battery shows Firing Arc's and Overlaps of those Weapons, 2nd's showing their Area of Coverage by Size/Caliber, Torpedo Firing Arcs and Overlap's, AA Overhead Umbrella of Coverage by Caliber....    Could even maybe add a Quick Sweep for the Turret Rotation's so they can see what they're looking like Stock before Choosing Skills to Offset Ship Weaknesses/Benefits...


It'd just be a Brief Visual that you can Turn On or Off in the Settings or a Drop Down there in the Ships Stat's....      Could also be Tied Into the Skills as Above showing the Effect of Skills on each System and still using a Drop Down or Tab in Settings so that after a While if it's not Needed anymore it can be Switched Off...     And if nothing else, as a How it Works if Not as an Overlay to Better Explain for the Newer Players the How's and Why's...   

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