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Sometimes MM gives you a gift

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Yes, sometimes the team composition, tier, skill of teams, or map does not favour you, sometimes that happens several games in a row and it can be frustrating.

BUT, sometimes it gives you a game like this! (see replay attached)

It was my very first game in Worcester (so I think I also got the "honeymoon RNG" or maybe Wooster is just hard to citadel? Idk.). This is only my second tech tree teir ten (other is Ven). I have been playing for about one year now and by no means do I think I'm a skilled player, so don't expect any 200IQ plays in this replay. Instead I get to be top tier in a map with islands and cover to start, and then a cyclone occurs! This eventually forces an all out brawl at close range in the middle of the map. The enemy has already lost both it's DM early on (I killed one due to his bad positioning and the other got owned by our Alaska who was playing excellent).... so the threats to my ship were significantly reduced.

To summarize: I got to experience Wooster in her strengths, slamming out steady DPM against Yamato and Thunderer at close range (under 8km). It was exciting and such a welcome break from the "Dead-Eye" meta. Mostly created by circumstances I did not have control over (map, teams, cyclone).

Thank you MM for this treat. 


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I love it when I get games like that.  Congrats. 

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