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Allow buy Gold Eagle camouflage with doubloons

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30 minutes ago, DesslockVonKraken said:

This is one of the most beautiful camouflages in the game, and it would definitely be great to be able to buy it by doubloon.


I don't know that I'd call it beautiful, but to each his own, as the old saying goes.  I'm kind of fond of the perma camo that they gave out during the British CA event (VERY old school) and the one they gave out during the EU DD event (a nice green camo flavored camo).

I will say this, I wish that they'd add these event camos under each ship's available perma-camos for purchase.

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8 hours ago, RipNuN2 said:

They often have an exclusivity period before these return as options.

Some do, but a lot of the old event camos still haven't returned more than a year later. And then some have been available for purchase (like the UK CA camo) ever since they left early access, both for the early access ships and the rest of the line.

I know I'm still waiting (and hoping) for the return of the Freedom camo for DM and the Sharks/Eagles camos for Worcester, and that event was over two and a half years ago.

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