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Reward "Damage upon your spotting" more accurately?

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I feel like the system doesn't reward "Damage upon your spotting" heavily enough because of the way the system calculates it. When you think about "damage upon your spotting" that is damage that would probably not have been possible, and, thus, would not have been done were it not for you spotting.

Obviously one of the main ways you win in WoWs is to damage the other team to the point where they can't fight back. Therefore, the value of spotting that results in "damage upon your spotting" is very valuable since enough of it can heavily help lead to a victory condition for your team.

In the case of destroyers and aircraft carriers, in many battles, they COULD rack up a lot of "damage upon your spotting," but frequently they don't. Why not? Well simply put, the game doesn't reward you very heavily for performing this role. You don't get much XP or credits for "damage upon your spotting."  You get paid WAY better for being greedy and taking a little bit of damage for yourself rather than assisting your team to do damage, which would actually probably increase your team's chances of winning more than you personally doing damage with your own ship.

I think this is a mistake in game-design, and request that Wargaming consider changing it. It would be better to encourage people to perform this role of trying to max out "damage upon your spotting" by rewarding it more heavily since it is so valuable to the team.

Example scenario: Consider a CV with some planes. The CV spots an opposing cruiser. The CV COULD keep an enemy cruiser spotted, and allow the CV's team to kill the cruiser. The CV could also attack the cruiser with the planes, but then the planes leave, and stop spotting the cruiser. The cruiser would then disappear, preventing the CV's team from continuing to shoot the cruiser. The cruiser might take longer to kill, or might even get away by doing it this way.

The cruiser could actually be killed faster by the CV keeping the cruiser spotted instead of trying to kill the cruiser with planes with repeated attacks. HOWEVER, the CV is probably going to try to kill the cruiser himself with planes anyway. Why? Well, because the system isn't going to reward the CV as heavily for doing the more efficient thing: racking up "damage upon your spotting." Rather, the system will pay the CV better if the CV tries to do damage themself, and so that is what the CV is going to do a lot of the times even though that is actually less efficient in terms of insuring the CV's team winning. Therefore, it could be said that the system actually encourages the CV to "play worse" because that results in the CV getting paid better.

Also, if a CV keeps a dd or a cruiser spotted, and the cruiser or dd realizes what the CV is doing, the cruiser or dd tends to simply open fire, and keep firing. Why? They figure, "Well that CV is going to keep me spotted, so I might as well be firing. I have nothing to lose." The problem with this is that now the CV isn't getting credit for "damage upon your spotting" anymore because the cruiser or destroyer are now spotted by everyone within range of their guns, and if there wasn't anyone within range of their guns, then there would be no point in firing because the DD or Cruiser can't hit anything. It could be said, however, that the DD or Cruiser would NOT be firing if it were not for the CV spotting them continually, and if they weren't firing, then they would not be spotted, and thus damage would not be getting done to the cruiser or DD. Therefore, it IS important that the CV is spotted the DD or Cruiser even though the CV isn't getting credit for the amount of "damage upon your spotting" that they CV should be.

(Damage done to the cruiser or DD does not count as "damage upon your spotting" for the CV if the cruiser or DD is firing while being spotted by the CV. This is because the CV isn't counted as being the reason for why the cruiser or dd is spotted even though, logically, they actually are since the DD or cruiser wouldn't be firing were it not for the CV keeping them spotted continually.)

On top of that, if the CV leaves, the dd or Cruiser will stop firing, and disappear again 20 seconds later. That means that if the CV doesn't stay, the cruiser probably won't die. If the CV keeps the planes around spotting the DD or cruises though, then the dd or cruiser will keep firing. Therefore, logically, the CV should still be getting credit for "damage upon your spotting," but is NOT getting credit for the amount of "damage upon your spotting" that they should be getting credit for due to the way the system awards "damage upon your spotting."

Another scenario:

This goes the same for destroyer captains. If a destroyer is keeping a cruiser spotted (for example), the cruiser just starts firing because they have nothing to lose. This prevents the DD from getting the appropriate amount of credit that they SHOULD be getting for "damage upon your assistance." They really should be getting way more when you consider that the cruiser wouldn't be firing if the dd didn't keep them spotted to begin with, and they would stop firing to disappear if the dd leaves.

This means that "damage upon your spotting" is a thankless job. It is incredibly important, and, if you know how to do it well, can help your team win a lot... but YOU will be near the bottom of the contribution list. You won't get much XP. You won't get much credits even though you are actually helping a lot! That is because the system doesn't reward you properly for this very valuable task. I feel like it should though to encourage players to do what is actually best for their team by rewarding them for it appropriately.

Consider, if you do 200,000 damage in a battle, that is a pretty good battle right? If you have 200,000 "damage upon your spotting," that is 200,000 for your team that would not have happened, were it not for your spotting. That means 200,000 spotting damage is really helpful to your team! If you actually do 200,000 damage, you get paid well post-battle. Shouldn't you then, also get paid at least half that well post battle for 200,000 damage upon your spotting though?

Consider this. Do you think you would get paid better for 200,000 "damage upon your spotting," or 100,000 damage that you actually did yourself? You know you would get paid better for doing 100,000 yourself than getting 200,000 spotting damage.

You see the problem here? You get more of the behavior that you encourage. Wargaming encourages player to "play worse" by not spotting for their team, opting to be greedy and take a smaller, less efficient amount of damage for themselves even though it is a sub-optimal strategy that increases their likelihood of losing.

For this reason, I request that Wargaming endeavor to award "damage upon your spotting" more accurately, and also reward it better in terms or XP and credit compensation at least for DDs and CV's to encourage them to "play better" by performing that task more.

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Yeah I've always thought how spotting works in this game needs improvement, and definitely needs to be rewarded better.  A good DD knows they have much more influence on a match by maintaining vision control rather than the damage they do but it simply isn't rewarded.

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