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Idea for Italian BB's

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i don't know if this is possable but is there a way to make the italian BB's when they are made to have more of a random disperson more along the lines of real ones did? if you watch this video at 37:38 Drachinifel explaines that the Littorio could hit ships at 32k meters that an Iowa class would find hard to hit...He explaines that it was the shell's tolorance to build quilty was the cause or at times lack of accurcy..I think i would be something intresting to bring into the game where each battle could have a diffent production run of shells that can effect its disperson.




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I think he is talking about The first stage of Cape Matapan there and the British cruisers were making good use of the Incoming Fire Alert skill but the fire was very accurate. If the Vittorio Veneto had been able to close the range she would have destroyed the cruisers with ease.

Very accurate BB fire was not limited to any one nation. During D-Day and the following days the Nevada was firing 17,000 yards, long range for a ship of her age, and smacking targets close to friendlies.

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