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Graf Zeppelin support carrier build

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Because there are now new support skills for cvs, that can boost the effectiveness of the fighter consumable, has anyone had any success using a build like this on Graf Zeppelin? 
I was looking in the fitting tool and you can increase the fighters range to 3.6 km. Combined that with Zeppelins very fast aircraft means this cv could have the role of supporting teammates by warding off enemy carrier attacks, and then using secondary’s when ships get to close. 
Could be useful in clan and ranked I imagine

Graf Zeppelin players, what are your thoughts?

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German fighter radius is really small. It works better on CVs with larger fighter radius. I think Enterprise has something ridiculous like 4.6 fully maxed

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I owned the Graf Z B model which was a gift in the BF event. Shes a good ship and I liked her. However her planes are not that effective these days except the bomber. The rocket planes get destroyed during attack without use of boost and the torp planes have torps that do not know how to go straight once launched they were nerfed essentially. There is no way to reconfigure the air wing to just fighters and bombers which is what i do mostly, two bomber wings and the rest of fighters with one goal Defanging enemy carriers and getting clear skies for our team. That went away with the CV Rework a few years ago.

When I configured the GZ B, All of the skills were to planes. I ended up with one remaining handful of points when all plane related skills were picked. That actually went into secondaries. Which is not normal for a carrier however that one has good secondaries for what they are. (And the idea that secondaries are nerfed again with 10.0... sheesh...) I eventually sold that carrier off. I plan to acquire the FDR because her planes are so tanky and will survive future attacks against whatever AA is present then. The Enterprise is my baby and also my nemesis however that particular ship is not acquirable except through a random crate whose chances are pretty slim at best.

I would equip the FDR the same way support the planes. If the Carrier got to where it's detected by enemy ships and sunk that already confirms the defeat for the team anyway.

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Fighter builds in general aren't worth it.
Reason why is quite simple. Even if they were effective, and their current effectiveness depends entirely on how smart your opponent is, too few CV players are dangerous enough to warrant defending your team against them in the first place. And the ones that are will likely know how to play against a fighter build.

If the enemy CV gets caught out by your fighter build chances are very high that he was never going to be much of a threat to your team to begin with.

The only CVs that cannot actually evade a fighter build regardless of skill are FDR and Ark Royal as their planes are too slow. Both are however a rare sight and again players worth defending against in said ships are bound to be even more scarce.

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