You wanted a deep dive!?  You'll probably get it!  Cuz I'm nice like that!  But we can't focus on that now!  Now is the time for raw emotional and sensationalism!  Now is the time for being irrationally angry about change!  Now is the time to dust off a tired meme and apply it to the new commander skill system!  Here we go starting with Destroyers! GARBAGE– I hate it!  Who knows why?  Maybe it sucks!  Maybe it's boring!  Maybe I resent how it was implemented in the game!  Only wieners take this skill! Mehskill – It's alright but it's probably pretty boring.  Don't be surprised if it's overly situational or if it comes with severe drawbacks.  Most skills will fall into this category. Gudskill – Great choice!  If not outright optimal, then this skill will get you a lot of mileage and may define the game play of a given build. OVERPOWERED – So broken, you guys!  This is so powerful it's ruining the game!  Only jerks take this but you don't dare go without it! I totally don't because I'm clearly a saint!  No, you can't look at my builds! I'm not only going to rate these skills, I'm also going to talk about them a little and their efficacy.  A lot of these are opinion based but I am going to throw some math at you on occasion just to make it appear like I know what I'm talking about.  Finally, at the end, I'll cover some examples of destroyer builds for those who want some help there. For other articles in this series, please follow the links below: Cruiser Skills Battleship Skills Aircraft Carrier Skills Destroyer Tier 1 Skills There are no outright winners among the tier 1 skills.  That's probably a good thing, but it's hard to be excited about any of these first skills on offer.  They feel like mindless busywork, a compulsory fundamental before they let you play with skills that really matter. TL:DR: Grease the Gears: GARBAGE Liquidator: Mehskill Consumable Specialist: Mehskill Gun Feeder: Mehskill Incoming Fire Alert: Mehskill Preventative Maintenace:  Mehskill Open the spoiler tag to read my break down of each skill. Destroyer Tier 2 Skills Tier 2 has one must-have skill, which is convenient for the sake of unlocking all of the overcrowded juiciness at tier 3 and above.  But there are at least a couple of other skills worth considering, points allowing: TL:DR Pyrotechnician: Mehskill Swift Fish: Mehskill Consumables Enhancements: Mehskill Extra-Heavy AP Shells: Mehskill Priority Target: Gudskill Last Stand: OVERPOWERED Open the spoiler tag to read my break down of each skill. Destroyer Tier 3 Skills The point of the tier 3 skills seems to be to distracted you with an over-abundance of choice.  These skills all form the core of many builds and are (almost!) all great.  It's hard to go wrong here. TL:DR: Main Battery & AA Specialist: Gudskill Fill the Tubes: Gudskill Adrenaline Rush: Gudskill Intertial Fuse for HE Shells: Mehskill Superintendent: Mehskill Survivability Expert: OVERPOWERED Open the spoiler tag to read my break down of each skill. Destroyer Tier 4 Skills These skills are a surprising mixed bag.  Concealment Expert remains a staple of almost every destroyer build but the rest all mix clauses and conditions which undermines their efficacy.  They are, for the most part, situational, good for select builds and select circumstances but with catch after catch to be aware of.  Unlike the tier 3 skills, it's possible to steer very wrong here and end up wasting points. TL:DR: Main Battery & AA Expert:  Mehskill Swift in Silence: Mehskill Radio Location: Gudskill Fearless Brawler: GARBAGE Concealment Expert: OVERPOWERED Dazzle: GARBAGE Open the spoiler tag to read my break down of each skill. Building to a Deadline Full, 21 point commanders are going to be a rare commodity over the coming weeks and months.  To this end, I think it more important to focus on how to spend your skill points and in what order.  Ten point commanders are a good starting point and should be the focus of any new player as their first end-goal.  Generally speaking, any destroyer in the game benefits from the following 10 point skill build: Start with the tier 1 skill of your choice.  When in doubt, default to Preventative Maintenance. Take Last Stand next. Survivability Expert is your third skill. Finish with Concealment Expert. That's it.  That's your simple 10 point commander.  Last Stand, Survivability Expert and Concealment Expert should always be locked in.  There are very (VERY!) few exceptions where you'll play around with these three skills and most players won't have to worry about deviating from them.  The only tier 1 skills I would consider other than Preventative Maintenance would be things like Liquidator for select torpedo boats (but again, depending on the math based on the variety of targets she faces), Consumable Enhancements for select ships with powerful consumables like Surveillance Radar and Torpedo Reload Booster, and Incoming Fire Alert but only if I couldn't afford Priority Target.  Like I said, it's easier just to default to Preventative Maintenance when there's any uncertainty here.  It's good enough for a 1pt skill. After this, things get more complicated, but things can still be simplified to general builds following destroyer role-stereotypes. Generalist This build is for destroyers with good guns but not one that specializes in any kind of specific prey.  These destroyers that flex to any number of roles as needed.  They cap, provide forward vision, smoke for their allies, they bombard targets of opportunity and occasionally put fish in the water.  They do it all and as such they tend to do best with flexible, generalist builds.  Expanding their toolkit is important so Superintendent is generally a good purchase, as is Priority Target to help with situational awareness.  Round this off with the skills Main Battery & AA Specialist and Adrenaline Rush to improve gunnery and you're good to go.  There's some flexibility here too.  If you want an immediate improvement to fire setting, drop Adrenaline Rush for Pyrotechnist and take a tier 1 skill of your choice.  Alternatively, if you want to focus more on fish than guns, just swap Main Battery & AA Specialist for Fill the Tubes.  Bam, you're good to go. Torpedo Destroyers Everyone's favourite wannabe ninja-assassins benefit from builds that focus upon torpedo reload times and improving their concealment and speed.  These aren't ships that want to engage in gunnery duels at all if they can help it, with their main battery firepower being a mere afterthought.  To this end, a 21 point build takes the 10pts from before and it expands it with Fill the Tubes, Radio Location and Swift in Silence.  This is an elegant, simple build that forgoes any pretense of having reasonable gunnery for putting more fish in the water and staying away from things that can hurt you.  One of the four point skills may be dropped for one of the following combinations if you prefer: Superintendent + either Liquidator or Incoming Fire Alert Priority Target + either Pyrotechnist or Swift Fish The goal of the former is to increase the number of charges on helpful consumables, such as Engine Boost, Torpedo Reload Booster or Smoke Generators and should be selected if Swift in Silence is dropped. This leaves a single skill point remaining which should be used to double back on another useful tier 1 skill that fits the player's needs.  The second option focuses on improving risk-management for times when the destroyer gets spotted and is best taken if Radio Location is dropped instead.  They can either buff their torpedo speed (preferable) or put a bit more punch in their guns to try and follow up floods with a perma-fire. Bombardment Gunship Screw subtlety.  You're an angry smoke cloud and it's time to rain the pew pews and make battleships (and the occasional cruiser) regret their life decisions.  There is a lot of variety in this build depending on your ship's tier, gun calibre and ballistics.  The staple to this build is Main Battery & AA Specialist for the increased rate of fire.  From here, it becomes a question of priorities. Make sure you take at least one situational awareness skill.  I prefer Priority Target but you can swap this for Incoming Fire Alert if your ship has good range and agility and you'll only have one point remaining. If your destroyer has good ballistics for long-range fire, then take: Main Battery & AA Expert.  Skip if if you don't.  Do you have great AP shells you'll use regularly?  If so, take Extra-Heavy AP Shells.  Skip if you don't. If your ship benefits from the extra HE penetration, take Inertial Fuse for HE Shells.  Skip it if you don't. If your destroyer has really good consumables,, take Superintendent next.  If they're trash or you never run out, skip this. And finally, pick from among the following to round out your build:  Adrenaline Rush, Pyrotechnist and Radio Location. This is a good example of how to approach the new skill system for any ship, really.  Make a long list of everything that's decent for your ship and then try and lay them out in a priority system.  Start from what's most game-play defining and then walk your way back to the less important skills until you run out of points. Lolibote Molesters And what skill discussion would be complete if I didn't talk about HMCS Haida?  She's a really weird destroyer and made all the more so by changes to armour plating and IFHE last year.  Like many destroyers, there are skills I want to have but I am limited by those I can afford.  She's truly an oddball and her skill choice reflects that.  I took Priority Target, Main Battery & AA Specialist as my two must-haves.  This left me with six points to spend but with Superintendent, Consumable Enhancements, Adrenaline Rush and Radio Location all on my wish-list.  I eventually decided upon the following combination to strive for at 21 points: Priority Target Main Battery & AA Specialist Superintendent Consumable Enhancements and Liquidator to round things off. Again, I settled upon this based on the priority system I described in the category above.  Lay out all of the skills you want.  Determine which skills help define the game play of your ship the most and pick those until you run out of points. Conclusions The new skill system is much like the old skill system.  While there are some interesting new skills, it's hard to argue that these have made a significant impact towards the destroyer meta.  Most disappointing (for me) is the lack of ability to build an effective AA picket ship. With AA skills scattered around as after-thought bonuses onto other skills, they cannot provide the impact needed to make a difference.  Overall, destroyers are in a pretty comfortable place with the skill rework, at least in terms of how their own skills benefit them. Their compulsory skills haven't really changed (other than the tier 1 skill) and there was always a fair bit of variety in the electives for different destroyer roles.  The rework hasn't changed this, which is a good thing, in my opinion. Coming up next:  Battleships!