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New ribbon and mission/directives improvement

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so I just got into a great game with my Z-23. Finish 3rd on my team in a Tier X game, landed a couple of torps, helped sink two destroyers, got capture ribbons, etc. My team won, easily.  The problem is that I got two kills with my guns. Opening fire on low health targets is perceived as "skill stealing" by some players, and it will sometime get you negative karma. It doesn't happen very often, but often enough that it gets noticeable; every time I get kills by opening fire on low health targets, I come back in port, check my karma and sure enough, there is 1 out of 18  chance maybe it will get decreased by one. Reality is; it can happen with any ship  that has a fast firing rate, and lightly armored targets that get uptiered often can't engage targets with guns until they're soft enough that the exchange of fires won't last more than 1 or 2 reload for the enemy target. Securing those kills as fast as possible and ensuring they don't get to return fire on your team is how you help your team achieve victory, but it will add frustration to players who are looking for kill ribbons. Some players are just "greedy" by nature and nothing is going to change that, but the issue is somewhat magnified by the fact that many players need kill ribbons to complete mission objectives and campaigns. Thus, if we are (un)lucky enough to get the kill, we do "steal" something from them given the current game design, as it increases the amount of time they will need to complete an event, a mission objective, a campaign, etc. We're stealing their time, basically, as we play the game objectives.

This fuel toxicity, which is something a good game design should actively try to remediate.

My suggestion is to introduce a new ribbon, for dealing a certain amount of damage to a target. Upon damaging a target by 25%, 30% or some arbitrary numbers that will need to be defined, a player will obtain this new ribbon. A tentative name for the new ribbon could be "devastation".  The goal behind it, is to provide an alternative for "destroyed" ribbons required in mission objectives. Which means a ship that dealt significant damages to a target will get compensated even if that target gets sunk by another fragile support ship that has high RoF. I would also suggest that the new "devastation" ribbon yield more base XP that the traditional "destroyed" ribbon, and that a new achievement tied to it gets introduced. The idea here is to lower the perceived value of the destroyed ribbons, and rewards damage dealers even more. This would only be fair because the destroyed ribbons are more situational, and sometime a pure matter of luck (especially when you stick fires/flood on a target that is getting focused, and get the kill because of it).

Overall, this is a very small step to fight the toxicity in a PVP environment but I believe every positive steps count, and should get considered.

Thank you.

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Idea is good, the problem is mostly player doesnt know that killing the target doesnt add upp too much exp if you take 90% of their hit points. 

The only case where "ks" can be bad is in those directives that doesnt allow coop and ask for like 60 kill ribbons

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"Kill stealing" is mostly only an irritation for newer players.  More experienced players aren't as concerned about it.  I want my team to sink a red ship as soon as possible.  Someone waiting for me to finish a job I started could either allow that ship to get off a damaging shot to one of my team mates, or to escape only to wreak havoc later in the game.  If a red ship can be had, take it.

It can also be a point of contention when a mission requires 'x' number of kills.  That is what it is.  It doesn't really change anything, but it can result in more players getting their bottoms chapped about it.

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