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Bureau Ships after rework

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If anything, secondaries are better, because pretty much anything with them can make effective use of them. I've noticed no real difference in my secondary focused ships, and an improvement in the old ships I wouldn't use them on. So, yes, Ohio is still very much worth it.

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4 hours ago, MoistCakeSupreme said:

is Ohio still the #1 choice to take from the bureau?

Seems to be doing all right hit percentage wise and the fact that they open up on all possible targets is something I have been asking for for 5 years. The Brawling seems to be going well in Co op, the META in Randoms and Ranked may be different but I like the secondary build kind of I think but only more time will tell. I would say it would still be my first choice of what is there. I'll get Slava next and already have Siegfried,  Then Colbert and then Paolo Emilio if another choice or two don't show up in the mean time..



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Ohio already had one of the best secondary accuracies in the game, so the nerf didn't hurt her that much. Also she can play different roles just fine: sniper, tanker, AA platform, bralwer, a generalist like no other tier X BB can.

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