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Allow us to scale each major part of the UI individually

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Switching from a 23" 1080p panel to a 32" 1440p one made me think, it would be nice if we could scale each individual major element of the UI. Like, the weapons / ammo / consumable indicators at the bottom right, the paper doll at the bottom left, the team lists on either side of the screen - we can already scale the minimap to a size we want, why not the rest?

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Yeah, I play on the same panel and some things are a bit small, though maybe I'm a bit used to it. The team lists especially, the standard ones feel like they take up far too much space for the info they give. I think though that's something in the "nice to have" but "not worth the effort" category from WG. I'd settle for just having ship names in chat without a mod.

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