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Small improvements for secondary builds.

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I am proposing a small tweak to the Improved Secondary Battery Aiming skill. 
My idea is simply to make the size of the buff change with the relative distance of the target.
The actual value make sense at max range, but I feel like when you actually manoeuvre to get closer to a ship, you should get another buff on dispersion, beyond what is offered right now. At 6km, we should be able to reliably hit destroyers, at least as much as we could with the preexisting MCS. 6KM is also the torpedo range for a lot of cruisers, so I believe it could be a good value. If it feel like it is still too much, make it 5km. The idea is just to get an additional bonus for close quarter brawls.

This should represent a minor change in gameplay; ships that got too close to a battleship have plenty of room to disengage if it was the result of bad positioning. But at the same time, it is increasing the perceived value of the skill, and it further rewards a battleship player who commits to a close quarter brawl. We would probably see brawlers try to manoeuvre/brawl just outside of the maximum buff range, to mitigate some of the damage the skill inflicts: it offers additional tactical options for gameplays, which is always good.

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