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Possible "idea" that could have been in the pipeline...

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I read many threads where some of us guessed what could be coming in the next patches (near future).  I'm not talking about introduction of new ship types (i.e. Submarines), what I am talking about is the fundamental game wide changes.  So it got me thinking...if only for a minute or two.


It's no secret that making money is the bottom line here for them, as they should as a for profit driven company.  As such, the recent major change in Captain skills displayed.  This is what I foresee happening in what could be their another milestone game 'rework'. Or at least that is what I would have done if I was actually paid by them.  Without upsetting their loyal players (actual paying customers in reality).  One aspect of the game that is not changed for years are the ship upgrade slots.  As we move up the tiers, more upgrade slots are available for said ships of that tier.  Culminating at 6 maximum upgrade modules. This is where WG have missed a trick.  A trick by doing it properly, instead of taking the route the player base is not happy with to say the least.  By making it a blatant cash grab 'gimmick'. 

By adding another module to maximum 7 modules, or adding more types of upgrade slots.  They would have essentially, allowed for more in game utility.  As they are purchased by in game credits, and later demounted by dubloons (or credits via a choice).  It would have been a good trade off/balance for the players and the company.  Without having being seen as a cash grab 'gimmick'.

They could have added a slew of the new captains skills in such modules, hell.  They could extend it out to however many they deem necessary.  By ship type with associated 'skills' that are currently seen with the recent captain skill changes.  


WG, I'll take my consultation fee now thanks...in dubloons preferably.



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