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My wistful pipedream of what the Captain Skill Rework could have been...

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So first off, I can see why WG might have wanted to do another rework of the skills since the last time with Update 0.6.0, almost exactly 4 years ago in January 2017 which got rid of 5pt Skills, reworked the list and introduced elite commander XP.

I believe the issue was there was essentially only a few builds that turned up time and time again for most ship types. You didn't *have* to take them to do well but realistically they gave the clearest benefit for most players.


It was clear a few skills like Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent and Concealment Expert were just more worthwhile for almost every (non-CV) ship compared to other skills at their tier, likewise Last Stand & Survivability Expert for the vast number of destroyers. Also a few skills like Survivability Expert was something of a trap for inexperienced battleship players and exactly who benefited from IFHE.

However really I would have liked a rethink of exactly what Captain Skills *should do*.

Personally I would much rather captain skills didn't effect any form of statistical benefit to the parameters (reload/accuracy/damage etc etc) of the ships - this should solely be the purview of upgrade modules and signals.

Instead were all built around cool tricks or extra information like Situational Awareness, Incoming Fire Alert , Priority Target, Expert Loader, Radio Location etc.

This would create it's own problems, no more minor stat's buffs and it would perhaps be even harder to think of new viable skills and to price them. Honestly I would be happy with fewer skill points and for them to be chunkier decisions.

Likewise I would rather high point captains didn't provide a huge boost compared to lower skill point captains that newer players. If I already have thousands of games worth of experience over a newer player I shouldn't need the benefits of a high tier captain as well.

However the Freemium Nature of the game means WG has a financial incentive to charge players for charging doubloons for retraining captains to new ships and redistributing skills and making the ingame alternative to be pricey to tempt players to spend doubloons. It's good that these other options do exist, but I rather the game didn't charge for them.


So the actual rework. I like the idea of the 4 trees however... It's very early days and I don't exactly want to pull down my pants and run around screeching like an overexcited baboon, as much of the playerbase are inclined to do but it sadly feel like the exact opposite has happened as many of the new skills give direct statistical buffs, sometimes in hard to track situations that aren't clearly demonstrated whether the skills are currently active. Likewise we are currently in bizarre land with Concealment Expert & Deadeye battleships vs the minimum concealment for High DPM Cruisers but a little sad what I hoped for very much didn't happen.

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