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Early Morning Matchmaking Only Four Ships Per Side And Russian Secondary Experiments

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It's the perfect time to experiment with wonky builds cause your captain skill respecs are free. That said I tried a secondary build using the BB Sovetsky Soyuz(Tier 9) just for fun and to see if it was viable at all. First game was surprising cause the matchmaker only gave us 4 ships per side. I decided to go straight ahead and just tank them for my team. It worked out amazingly cause I'm already used to taking 2-3 ships at a time in this line with our short gun range. Means I have to get in closer than most other BB's. My secondaries were blazing away when someone got into range(10.5km) but they weren't hitting very often. Out of 354 secondary shells fired, only 57 of them hit. They were a great deterrent however as the ship would turn and try to get out of range and this gave us time to just tear them down. The only thing good the secondaries did was start a few fires but it is great for that purpose. 

Overall was fun game and the Russian line is still very very strong. One quirk though is that I have fired my AP shells at point blank range on multiple games and had them only do 7-8k damage. I don't understand why this is happening, usually under 6km which should to me be a devastating blow but I've had it happen with not only BB's but Cruisers as well. I could understand if they were angled but this was full broadside. It's not always like that, I've had broadsides where I got 3 citadels and sunk them in one volley. Doesn't seem to be any consistency with this Sovetsky, it doesn't seem as good as my last 2 ships in the line. Still it is super tanky and that is really fun!

If you've tried some cool builds let me know! Oh and in the end that Missouri still beat me for 1st place. I wish I'd of got that ship back in the day and I regret it all the time lol :)




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