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The worst thing about WoWs...

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...is this very website, the official WoWs forum. This place is by far the worst thing to come from this game, trumping every mistake WG could have ever made. The PR disaster doesn't even hold a candle to what not just my, but hundreds of others experience's on the forum. Being scammed is one thing, but being rejected is a whole new monster.

Let me break this down.

I thought when I joined the Forum would be a kind place to post opinions and get accepted into the community, seems about right? Well wrong, Reddit itself blushes at this place. It may not have outright toxicity like one would expect, but rejection hurts faaaaaaar worse than that.

You post an original opinion? Good for you, here's 10 free down votes.

You post an idea for a collab? Cool, here's a facepalm emoji.

You post a theory on an event? That's creative, here's a comment saying to quit politicizing things.

It was quick for me to discover that the forums is by far the worst place to go, with Reddit you could at least get SOME people to agree with you. However, when all seemed lost in the world of free opinion, I found a haven.


You can say WHATEVER you want there, and nothing will come to you. You can connect with others that have had suspiciously similar stories to mine.

You can argue all day here about what the color the sky is, because some people will. But why appease unappeasable people? Hm? Where is the motive to that?

So in conclusion, the worst, most argumentative, judgmental personalities haunt this website. I already know, when I hit this send key, the amount of dislikes is going to be IMMENSE, and this may even be deleted by Happa, who knows.

But many MANY people can back me up on this, I always thought I was wrong on the Forums, but as it turns out, the Forum is wrong...

...and I'm right about that.

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I finally got them to put 'Release Notes' into the 'Release Notes' section (was empty)..

Now we don't have to flip through mislabelled news articles from up to 3 months ago to find out what they are doing.


Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update! - Update Notes and Feedback - World of Warships official forum
Woo Hoo!!!


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So, let me get this right. The forums are bad because people don't agree with you? That doesn't sound like a forum problem to me...

While neither platform is exactly the place for great discussions, it's a possibility here far more on reddit. Unless you're bashing WG the only thing the WOWS subreddit has is random ship-posting. The forums have their share of, ah, interesting threads, but you can actually ask a question and get a good answer here. Sure sometimes things get out of control, but it's far easier to have a decent discussion here than on reddit, partly because you don't have to deal with the reddit hive mind here.

Also, not sure what you're complaining about because this is your first post in over a year:Smile_unsure:

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Why are you posting in a forum you think so little of then? Smells like a troll to me.

Like you said this place is only full of meanies so we will hate whatever you have to say.

If you love reddit and reddit loves you so much, please go there where this drivel is accepted. We get enough here without people like you posting how bad everyone is here.

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The forums are the forums. I learned early not every Idea / suggestion is acceptable at anytime.

You will have the yeah rightist's and the Your Nutsist's.

If your idea is based from one of the WG brownnosers you might get accolades but don't hold your breath for very long.

There will be many posters who just hang around here to shoot your idea's down good or bad. Don't take it personal

Rule #1 Don't think your idea will change how WG operates.

Rule #2 If it is shot down flaming it is a badge of honor.

Rule #3 The forums are not for friendships / camaraderie. You are just another target.











































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Need to grow thicker skin and don't take it personal .  Moucho ball breakers around.........................

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At first I thought, "this guy has a point. The forum anymore is just constant complaining to no end about scams, death of the game, and how horrible everything is." 

Then you got into Reddit which is the exact same way.

I just miss when we used to talk about ships, post proposals, and talk game mechanics without it just becoming arguments. Half the stuff people post is word vomit based on a single biased experience anyway.

Anywho, I have no idea what you're talking about. Not all good ideas are actually good ideas and not all opinions are right. So you're going to face scrutiny for dumb stuff.

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The forums are wonderful. However I interact very little with people around the game or forums. I have not had any notification or chats sent by people interested in what I had to say. Only two so far the last 12 months indicating that one or more of my posts is not fitting the narrative and will be removed. Oh well.

If these forums are a community as well as twitch tv etc... then I am a community of one. Lonely in a crowd of people focuses on whatever they individually are interested in that moment. No one else. Its very rare to go over a subject with anyone back and forth here. I think there was a recent church thread that did well for a while. It eventually died off. When you go shopping here in the south you run into everyone. Takes two hours to make it all the way back to the milk and egg corner in the store trading information with so many people.

If these forums are like that store... you will be alone in a massive community of people here. You are tolerated as long you don't ruffle too many feathers. From time to time in a blue moon someone gets all juiced up and fires off a nasty toxicgram to me personally after a game or whatever. Do I look like someone who cares? I don't So sorry, so sad to see such a unhappy gamer out there somewhere. Its too bad; so sad.

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