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HE is the Flooding

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The flooding nerf a couple of years back was a positive change.  However, HE is the new flooding.  Ridiculous HE spam and the travesties of the game like the Thunderer (I own one but don't play it out of spite) are ruining the game for BB's.  All BB's now just sail back and forth along the 1 line and HE farm/snipe.  The ship is fun and exciting when in close and the secondaries are going off and you're trying to swing guns, etc...Now, ships like the Kurf are unplayable.  Spotted at 17km, slow, and on fire the whole game.  Is it not possible to mitigate some of the HE burn damage?  Either lower the shell damage itself, shorten the burn time, or the DOT of the fires, or even the chances of a fire being lit?

(side note:  what was the purpose of nerfing the Khab only to build a better one in the Kleber...)


Thanks for hearing my rant.


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