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Made a Reworked CV Skill Builds Vid

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Hey all, I'm Reimu and I finally got around to show what builds I'll be running on my carriers with the start of the reworked commander skills. I'm sure I'll be changing up the skills but this is a start. Hope you all enjoy 


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Both you and Ahskance pick Improved Engines as your first 2 point skill, but 2.5% increase in speed results in an increase of about 3 to 5 knots depending on the aircraft.  I would think Repair specialist for German aircraft and Torpedo Bomber for Japanese aircraft would be more useful as your first pick.  For Americans and British I agree it's between that and Patrol Group Leader.


Additionally I think Enhanced Aircraft Armor is pretty useful as I often see grouped enemies, and while it's not too hard to avoid a solo ship's flack, grouped ships are quite a bit tougher.

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i have been trying to get good with cv , but the best i have is sapian with 10 commander pts and that is not enough . they destroyed it for possible players that done have a tone of captain points IMO

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