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With the New Captain’s Skills we now have a total of 62 skills with Many of those seemingly  with overly complicated names, in my humble opinion.  Here is a list I believe could be improved to become more easily understood;


1. Enhanced Anti-Torpedo Protection instead of simply Anti-Torpedo Protection.       

2. Concealment Expert instead of simply Concealment

3. Consumables Enhancements instead of simply Consumables I

4. Consumables Specialists instead of simply Consumables II

5. Close Quarters Combat instead of simply Close Quarters

6. Close Quarters Expert instead of simply Close Quarters

7. Emergency Repair Expert instead of simply Emergency Repair I

8. Emergency Repair Specialists instead of simply Emergency Repair II

9. Enhanced Torpedo Explosive Charge instead of simply Heavy Torpedo Charge

10. Fearless Brawler instead of simply Brawler

11. Fire Prevention Expert instead of simply Fire Prevention

12. Pyrotechnician (used to be Demolition Expert) Either return to Demolition Expert OR change to ARSONIST (Matches WOWS ARSONIST AWARD in use)

13. Survivability Expert instead of simply Survivability OR Survivalist

15. Close Quarters Expert instead of simply Close Quarters

16. Direction Center for Fighters instead of simply Fighter Control



I would also propose that WoWs initiate on their WoWs Wiki site a list of Standardized Abbreviations.   This would insure everyone uses the same ones and understands what others are saying or writing about.   It would also great aide to new players attempting to understand what others are writing about.  For instance it took me awhile before someone finally told me that CE stood for Concealment.    Here is my initial proposal using only the terms now used in the skills.          Respectfully submitted by dbw86.


New Captain Skills Abbreviations


1. AAG = AA Gunner

2. AR = Adrenaline Rush

3. ATP = Enhanced Anti-Torpedo Protection

4. BOS = Basics of Survivability

5. CE = Concealment Expert

6. CEN = Consumables Enhancements

7. CQC = Close Quarters Combat

8. CS = Consumables Specialist

9. DAZ = Dazzle

10. DE = Dead Eye

11. EAA = Expert AA Marksman

12. EIS = Eye In the Sky

13. EHAP = Extra-Heavy AP Shells

14. ERE = Emergency Repair Expert

15. ERS = Emergency Repair Specialist

16. ETEC = Enhanced Torpedo Explosive Charge

17. FB = Fearless Brawler

18. FPE = Fire Prevention Expert

19 FT= Fill The Tubes

20. GF =  Gun Feeder

21. GG or GTG = Grease The Gears

22. HHESAP = Heavy HI and SAP shells

23. IFA = Incoming Fire Alert

24. IFHE = Inertia Fuse for HE Shells

25. ISBA = Improved Secondary Battery

26. LIQ = Liquidator

27. LS = Last Stand

28. LRSB = Long-Range Secondary Battery Shells

29. MBAA = Main Battery & AA Specialist

30. ON = Out Numbered

31. PM = Preventive Maintenance

32. PT = Priority Target

33. PY = Pyrotechnician

34. RL = Radio Location

35. SE = Survivability Expert

36. SF = Swift Fish

37. SI = Superintendent

38. SHAP = Super-Heavy AP Shells

39. SS = Swift in Silence

40. TGG = Top Grade Gunner

41. VIG = Vigilance  (Or VG)


42. Aircraft Armor

43. Air Supremacy

44. Bomber Flight Control

45. Close Quarters Expert

46. Demolition Expert    (Ship List Above)

47. Direction Center for Fighters

48. Enhanced Aircraft Armor

49. Enhanced Armor-Piercing Ammunition

50. Enhanced Reactions

51. Engine Techie

52. Hidden Menace

53. Interceptor

54. Improved Engines

55. Improved Genine Boost

56. Last Gasp

57. Patrol Group Leader

58. Proximity Fuze

59. Repair Specialist

60. Search and Destroy

61. Secondary Armament Expert

62. Sight Stabilization

63. Survivability Expert (Ship List Above)

64. Swift Fish (Ship List Above)

65. Torpedo Bomber


3 Skills are on both lists so the Total Number of these New Skills is: 62

 Respectfully submitted:




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