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Is this a Bug or a Feature? What is your opinion?

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When you use the shell follow camera (z-key), upon returning the camera to your ship after the shells hit (ship(s) or water), it forgets where the camera was and places your view at max zoom out.

If you were in binocular mode (shift-key) when you started the shell following camera, then this does not occur, instead it returns you to binocular mode and upon exiting binocular mode (shift-key again) it returns you to the correct zoom you had previously set.

So... I think this is a bug, but... WG Tech Support says: "Thank you for contacting Player Support. It`s not a mistake. This is a part of the game's implementation and we are sorry that it doesn't meet your expectations."

Now, obviously, WG can make their game any way they want to, but I think it's odd that they would intentionally designed-in a non-self-consistent feature.

I'm interested in the community opinion on two points: 

Do you believe the game designers intentionally programmed in two separate zoom return set-points, or (in your opinion) did the first-line tech support person who replied to my ticket make a mistake and/or not consult the right programmers?

Separately, if it were to be proven to be an intentional choice (a feature not a bug), do you believe WG should change that choice and make it either 1) Always return to the zoom level the player chose, or 2) Always return to fully zoomed out, or, should they stick with the current game behavior?

What do people think? Test it out yourselves, then give your opinion.



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