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North Carolina vs Massachusetts?

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How should a North Carolina engage against a Massachusetts?

They're the same tier, and have roughly the same specs, but whenever I play the North Carolina, and go up against a Mass, I always die. Every damn time. No matter how many broadside hits I get against the Mass with AP or HE, I never seem to do any damage, much less get citadels. Meanwhile, every hit I take takes a quarter of my health off, even to the front where I should be tanky. What am I doing wrong?

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NC’s citadel is ever so slightly higher than Mass’s. If the enemy Mass is turning into you raising the citadel above the water, you could get citadels, but it’s still going to be somewhat RNG dependent and still needs good aim. Your most consistent results would be to aim for the upper belt for pen damage with AP if you have a broadside, just as you would with a Bismarck or the like with a turtleback. 

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North Carolina citadel:


Mass citadel:


You're only going to get citadels on Mass when it's either in a hard turn towards you or you go through its belt from range and overmatch the 16mm citadel roof, but either is more luck than wisdom.

How to defeat Mass with Nor Car:

  • Don't get too close or he'll secondary you to the bottom of the ocean
  • Proper shot placement, go for chunk damage into his broadside with AP if he's side on, or superstructure AP chunk damage or He damage / fires when he's angled
  • Keep angled, he can't overmatch your plating any more than you his, so if you angle better to deny him chunk damage while you're chunking him, you'll win

It's a tricky duel and requires a bit of luck and / or your opponent to play worse than you, and neither will come out smelling of roses.

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Run concealment build and skirt that 11.3km line while wearing him down.  Wait for him to shoot at something else,  fire and by the time he is reloaded you are dark again. 

If we are talking 1v1 your only hope is the Massachusetts captain is a potato. 

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