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Retraining cost - commander to new tech ship

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I haven't seen any comments, perhaps its flying under the radar.

With the new 21 point skill set you can have your commander on other ship classes and with the latest Dev blog it has become clear putting/sharing a commander with another tech ship requires retraining.

It will be a reduced cost of 50 doubloons during 10.0 or start grinding. 

Oh goody, if you complete some special missions you can earn enough to retrain on 22 ships. 


So there will be choices....use exp to advance some captains to 21 or to put high point captains on more classes.




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And the purchase price of via Recruiting for a 10 Point Captain will be 1,750 Doubloons OR +250 Doubloons over the current Armory price for a 10 point commander.    

We will need to raise our 19 point Captains to 21 points or 3 grades higher it will require 1,200,000 Skill Points.   During the months of  December/January at a reduced price of 1 doubloon for each 150 Elite Captain XP Points needed.  Currently, I only have seven 19 point captains.   7 times 1,200,000 gives a total needed of 8,400,000 points.   Dived 8,400,000 by 150 (the cost per one doubloon to convert this figure) and we arrive at an answer of 56,000 Dubloons I will need which, in the WoW's Premium shop cost $224.00 US Dollars or $32 per Captain!

I have a fleet of 162 ships in my port, larger than some, but nowhere near as large as many other player's fleets.     With everything from the Christmas season hassles, quickly followed by 0.10 WoWs Update, which I am assuming will occur on 30 December 2020, the morning before New Year's Eve and all those celebrations I imagine all of us will be heavily taxed to handle it all.   The month of free captain re-spec'ing and half-price on cost caused by retraining and raising our former top 19 point captains up to 21 pointers appears to be a much too short time frame to complete all of this.    I understand you want to start the new year off with these changes, but I believe it would have been far better to have started them a bit later in the new year after most of us recover from all the expenses of Christmas and New Years'.  

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