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Message Keys old!

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Good Morning Captains and crews!

Merry Christmas to ALL!

For over a year now I keep hearing those same old comments when you press the message keys. You all know them by heart by now? Did the sailors really talk like that back in the day? Fair winds and a following sea? Provide anti aircraft support? Retreat now? lol. Sorry World of Warships but these things sound so blah and meh. Can't you think of better messages? How about asking us what we would put on there and the voices etc? I am sure with all of the smart people here we can come up with something a whole lot better and more exciting. it would be interesting to hear some new ideas from the player base.

Remember Captains, When in doubt, Smoosh them!

Heidi Smooshes things.



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"Oy you at the back there get your Heiney over here" - "Please provide some support"

"You do that again and I'll marmalize you!" response to "Don't shoot at your allies!"

"May all your RNG be blessed by RNGeesus" 

"Read a goddamned book!" response to "I need Intelligence data"

"Shooty Shooty Flying Things" - "Provide anti aircraft support!"


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I will never understand why we can't have a torpedo/launch alert hotkey.   That would be FAR more functional than an F9 "GET BACK" to warn someone whenever i launch torpedoes during a chat ban. 

We already have one Shift+F-key assignment.  We got plenty of room for some extra commands within that sub option. 

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There was a WG sanctioned mod (Mermaid's Wrath) that changed the quick messages and other voice messages using real people. All female, but something to look at if you are interested.

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