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Santa container ship list

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Two days ago I saw a list of ships associated with mega containers. At least I think it was just mega containers. It was broken down by categories - Rare, Tier 9, ...

I took a quick look and moved on. I can't find that list any more. In looking at my port ships last night I think I have some of them, Kamikaze, Kutuzov, anything that starts with the letter K?
Would someone be kind enough to direct me to a place that I could look at this list again or maybe a file location so I could download it?

Being classified as rare means: 1) hard to get hold of, 2) really good ships, 3) both or 4) they are just screwing with us?

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When you click on on the crates in the shop or armoury and look at their description the ship lists are in there.

Rare and T9 are pretty much the last ships to drop in the entire list.

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Just remember that you're likely to get the shortlist ships first, if you don't have them already. They are:

Gift Shortlist (WIP)

  • Tier 6 British cruiser London

  • Tier 6 French cruiser De Grasse (?)

  • Tier 5 European battleship Viribus Unitis

Big Gift Shortlist

  • Tier 6 Soviet cruiser Makarov (common)

  • Tier 7 US battleship California

  • Tier 8 European destroyer Orkan

Mega Shortlist

  • Tier 6 Italian cruiser Duca D'aosta (common)

  • Tier 7 Japanese destroyer Yuudachi (common)

  • Tier 8 British battleship Vanguard

  • Tier 8 Soviet cruiser Ochakov

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