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More ways to earn the rarer Expandable Camos

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There's some Expandable Camos in the game that haven't been available in a long while, And others that are so insanely difficult to get your hands on it's almost not worth the effort (Unless you want to spend $100+ on that camo bundle in the Store)
My suggestion is to allow some of the rarer Expandables (Such as "Linus Tech Tips", "gamescom Black", "Crimson Tear" and "Brilliant Ray") to be available in Daily Camo Containers (Or Supercontainers in bundles of 50) or in the pool of Milestone Rewards for Daily Combat Missions.
As someone who has the goal of collecting them, It is rather disappointing that some haven't seen the light of day in some time now. (Regardless of if their benefits are good or not)

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Some of the collectors among us (I won't use the last remaining camo of any given type, because I want to keep the ability to view it) value these things.

I regret burning up the last of some I have had, as they may never return.

The ability to gather these collectibles makes sense, and could even generate $revenue$!  WG already cashes in on collectible ships...why not collectible camo (with a reasonable price tag, of course)?

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