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Ship Captain Roleplay

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Hey everyone,

This is my first post as I've decided to reach out. A friend of mine and I have been doing a very loose RP of me being the Captain of a German ship and he is essentially the game master controlling the crew. I am looking for someone to take this over and to keep it going. I will list an example below. I also have crew lists for chiefs of staff and other various information. I'm not looking for anything super crazy, just day to day tasks and occurrences on board a ship whilst out at sea. If you're interested or have questions, let me know!


Main Activity: The informant is fearful because all the protections being put around him draws prying eyes. He has also heard the rumors of a spy, and knows that his mission is of critical importance and fears someone is trying to subvert it. He will not relent about being given a sidearm. He states that until this spy is found he cannot trust anyone, even your Maat’s at the door. You notice the terror in his eyes, but cannot decipher whether his fears are legitimate or an overreaction. The informant states that he has been doing this job a long time, and has only stayed alive through taking every rumor seriously.  


Side Activity A: He mentions that the other items, he believes, to be inconsequential. A few large cans of beans, some cutlery, two loaves of bread, and a gallon of water, but just as he dismisses the items and begins talking about the cleaner again, he stops…. He looks up, as if telepathically talking to the flickering lights of the private dining hall then stares back at you in wonderment and says, “Sir, I know this may seem farfetched, but this isn’t the first batch of food to go missing. I did not think to notify you until the cleaner went missing, but do you think it could be the spy stealing food?” after a brief pause, he begins again, “if it is the spy stealing food, that would indicate that it’s not one of our crew, but a stowaway, right?”  


Side Activity B: (Fishing Activity Closed)  


Side Activity C: Leopold, with all the dignity of a fine statesmen, rises out of his chair, salutes you, and walks to the door. However, after opening it a mere inch or two, turns to you with his hand still on the knob and says, “Life doesn't forgive weakness,” and proceeds to take his leave.  



Main Activity: A team of six Maat’s has been assembled to guard the informant in rotating shifts. The informant thanks you for the increased protections, but fears the attention that is being drawn to him. Privately, he requests from you a sidearm, so that he can defend himself if anyone nefarious comes lurking about.  


Response:  I reply to his request and concerns with the following. "The guards should be enough protection without you being issued a firearm. What kind of attention are you concerned about? The only attention that may come about would be from the crew and the crew I will have under control, they know our mission is in service to the country."  


Side Activity A: After settling in to a private dining area for the top brass, the senior enlisted sailor pulls out a small notepad with hurried scribblings on it. He tells you about the rumors circulating throughout the ship about a spy, and that he hears everything the other sailors talk about. Then he mentions that some items have gone missing from the kitchen. The reason for his fear is that one of the items is an industrial grade cleaner used for cleaning the massive kitchen ovens. The cleaner contains large amounts of sodium hydroxide and can prove fatal if ingested. After hearing about the spy rumors, he fears that maybe this spy has taken the chemical to poison someone.  


Response:  I inquire as to the other items taken from the kitchen before addressing the concern.  


Side Activity B: Hanns thanks you for meeting with him and listening to his concerns. He agrees that you have a good crew of sailors aboard and theft should not be an issue. He will coordinate to have some extra supplies handed out to groups of sailors who want to fish, but mentions that doing so will mean picking up extra supplies at the next port to replenish them.  


Response: The ship has docked in Gamvik and obtained extra supplies for the crew’s newfound fishing hobby.  


Side Activity C: Leopold takes a seat and begins sipping on the liquor, letting it cool his temper. He begins detailing the procedures he wishes to conduct. He mentions how Josef Mengele, chief scientist, has begun running experiments on the frontal lob’s of many mortally wounded soldiers in hopes to find a way to create soldiers who cannot feel pain. Leopold believes he can be of use by assisting in this research on sailors that are wounded during ship-to-ship combat. After a moment of silence, he does mention that there may be minor side effects, but nothing of major concern.  


Response: After hearing Leopold's request, I lean back in my chair and sip my drink calmly while studying the doctor for a brief moment. "Kaptian zur See Leopold...You made your choice to serve on this ship and your focus should remain on your service to Germany; not your own advancement. At peace there is time for experiments, at war we need only what procedures are known to heal. You may study and monitor the experimental procedures in your free time. Should you utilize anything experimental and risk the safety of our crew you will find yourself in much worse of a predicament than being concerned about your advancement." I stand, remove the drink from Leopold's hand before setting it softly on my desk. I raise an arm towards the door, indicating he retire himself from my office.  


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