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ArmamentL Locked on Sector ( control) A BLANK BLANK Pain in Rear

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  (Armament locked on sector) locks your turrets on a sector  Guns would not fire as they were LOCKED in the direction and it happened in Nari and for the life of me did not know how I got it... but based on forum ... seems I hit shift + X somehow.    ( well I can see hitting X if i was shifting through targets) guess I must of fat fingered and held the shift button  as well.

Looking up in  Wiki guide I see the following:

Shift+X: Armament: locked on sector. The armament (main guns or torpedo launchers) is locked onto a point on the map.  ( it locked my guns but NOT my torpedo launchers.

X: unlock armament and deselect currently selected target

Playing the Scharnhorst in Nari  as I entered the channel for the troop landings  it seems my main turrets were locked in ONE direction and would not fire.  Only thing I could do was launch torpedoes.  

So not knowing what the blank I got myself into .... I played the rest of the game like a rubber ducky  going around in a big circle in the Channel  ...  launching torpedoes at the incoming BOT cruisers and BBs.    Thank goodness I had an awesome team who took up the slack I was presenting.  


So my question becomes in what circumstance would you even contemplate even using this feature if it locks the guns in place and you cannot fire until it you release it ?    

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For pretty screen shots.  That's the only time I have ever used it.

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I use the lock turret feature for when I am turning around, and need to turn my turrets from one side to another so I can look around while I am turning to see if I give broadside to anyone dangerous.

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