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What are all the relative community sites on WoWs?

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Just trying to find out sites outside of the official forums. If you suggest one, I'll add it to the list. Looking for sites that have opinions or announcements, blogs, podcasts, things like that.

I've got the following right now:





Any others out there?

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Similar to wowsnumbers with a bit more info on personal progress.


Russian stat site that also offers info, artillery graphs etc on ships.


Personally the most important companion tool for wows as it allows you to customize any  ship with skills and upgrades and get an accurate idea on how they behave stats wise. Very useful artillery graphs too.



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Well hell, I always thought I spent too much time just in this forum. That there are so many other places to waste time in boggles my mind. If people didn't post CC videos here I'd never see them. I assume that others pick one or two sites to keep track of because if you actually spent any time on all of them you'd really cut down on your playing time.

Just here on the forum that I keep track of it has always seemed to me that there were players that spent more time posting than playing the game.:Smile_child:

Heck I'm just a casual player anyway so the depth of my commitment only goes so far as me still having fun with the game.

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