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Fumble in Matchmaking!

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To much what if's and conjectures...

Statistically speaking (from mark 2:15 to mark 2:45).

  • The situation stated never happened 
  • It never has or will happened anytime soon.
  • Its not a situation you or I will see.. I have over 20k gms played (18k in this acct and in my PT and temporary press acct.)
    • I've probably seen one match with a "D" div.. Its certainly less then my hands and toes combined.
  • Nor will it happen on a daily basis for it to be changed,
  • The must DIV I've seen in a  daily match/game session.. Was up to the letter C.

This conjecture of if someone disagrees with your argument, We're not thinking critically Narrative. False.

Look OP, I am using statistics,  and an effect (snow ball effect). From a math POV, DIV MM haven't changed in years from the points i've stated above and on the WIKI..

DIV MM only goes with what ships are on queue.. It can not substitute, for a ship that is not in queue to begin with... 

  • In reality, your grip is with the queue system, not MM.

For more on DIV MM you can go here...


DiV will not be the dooms day that kills the game... I agree that other factors will, eventually.

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