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Consumable Idea - Quick Repair Teams

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I've been thinking about a new consumable that is similar to Short Burst Smoke Generator in that is has smaller duration and effect but has shorter cooldown and more charges then the regular consumable.

In Quick Repair Teams, the percentage of total hp restored per second and the way damage is queued is no different then the regular Repair Party, but the total amount of hp restored per charge is lower, the duration and cooldown is lower, and the number of charges is increased. The idea behind this is that you trade getting more hp in the long run for a bit more hp when you really need it like when in a brawl. 

My idea is to multiply the duration and the cooldown of the regular Repair Party by 2/5, while multiplying the number of charges by 2, and then subtracting one.

Allow me to demonstrate:

For base USN, IJN, USSR, French, and Italian Tier IX and X cruisers: 0.5% of total hp restored per sec, 28 sec duration and 80 sec cooldown.  Total of 14% of total hp restored for one charge out of 3 charges base.

Quick Repair Teams: 0.5% of total hp restored per sec (this stays the same), 11.2 sec duration (28*2/5=11.2) and 32 sec cooldown (80*2/5=32). Total of 5.6% of total hp restored for one charge out of 5 charges base (3*2-1=5).

If Superintendent is taken, you add 1 to the number of charges of the regular Repair Party, and then multiply by 2 to get the number of Quick Repair Teams charges. So if Superintendent is used it would be 4*2-1 for 7 total charges.



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I don't see much usefulness for it. I would prefer to jump into the brawl with the beefier repair possible. For it to be really attractive, cool downs would need to be really short

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