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Santa Crates

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I do not know why this is news to anyone, the crates have always done this the ship of choice for 2018 was krazny krym it happen all the time and makes sense from a coding standpoint. instead of coding the boxes with not only the 107 ships but the possibility of all the other items it would LOWER the chance for any ship by an order of magnitude. Simply put lets say each ship has a 1% chance of dropping a ship if all 107 are possible and all the other gifts (flags, steel, coal, dubs, premium time, camos, port slots, etc etc have higher percentages) then the possibility of a ship become maybe one in a thousand instead of around 1 in 10 to 12 as it is set up right now for the santa big boxes so after ya get the drop of a the kranzy krym or makarov or whatever it flips to a 100% chance of one of the "good" ships from the longer list. but lets look at it this way  for $3 american you can get a ship which sells for anywhere from $15 to $70, 3 months of premium time coal dubloons special flags or camos not a bad deal for $3. I wont be able to get any boxes this except what my tier tens will get me when the snowflakes go live due to money issues (not complaining) if I had the money yeah I would buy the boxes even knowing they are "rigged" because honestly they are rigged in a way to increase the chance of getting something rather than trying to cheat people. I am no WG apologist if you want proof of that you can see my posts about the winter event last year. I just call it as I see it and when it all comes down to the end of the day WG is a business who is out to make money by providing a product or service. WG thank you for another great year (please test commander skill rework more it scares us the way it looks now) Thank you for all the free stuff you have given us over this year. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all.

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