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Just had a few thoughts and every post entitled my way to fix "X" never gets read or gets any traction. I received a Sims and a Nikolai, and more than enough coal to get my next planned coal ship before its gone, so I'm reasonably happy. But I was thinking that a token gesture of giving back might be better received than most would think.

For starters, extend the LU's for 6 months. I know, I know...We had enough notice, etc. RB is a MAJOR. PAIN. IN. THE. "&**". The constant barrage of grind this before "x" time, there's been no time to grind the ones that weren't that useful.

Commander Coupon of 50% off good for Christmas through Jan. 2nd...I think it should be done once a year for one week.

Revisit the Auto Aim situation. Even with a giant mini map and glancing back and forth, in the heat of battle you still have to take your eyes off of where you actually want them to go. This is kinda frustrating, and it happens at least three times a game.

Can we make Tier 4-6 fun again? I want to actually use the few boats I survived the brutal grind in getting...Kamikaze R comes to mind. Great ship, not really known for it's AA. 4 CV's is just too much for these Tiers. It's not about seal clubbing, per se, just a way for a 50.3 win rate guy to improve his stats by 1% isn't too much to ask, really. There would be much rejoicing if this was actually done and not talked about. I put up with the ungodly power creep in higher tiers because there's no real choice - and at this point, some 5 grand in time and money is a conservative estimate.

So, that's it. Everyone have a great Holiday Season!


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I wish I would not have read:fish_glass: I am jealous

Gratz on the Nikolai pull. One of the few BBs that has still eluded my grasp

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